Winter Solstice 2015

Old Man Winter has come to town! Band together and beat him off before we all get blown!

Your Scaresnow and You

Forged from the crotch of winter, these former inhabitants of Old Man Winter's domain have emerged from the snow to do battle against their former master!

Those who !greet the day on the Winter Solstice will be visited by a Scaresnow of their own! You may give your Scaresnow a !snowname to welcome them to the world!

Your Scaresnow will have various abilities that will aid fighting Old Man Winter. You can check these with !scaresnow and improve them with !augment.

Know Thy Enemy

From the chilliest bowels of Snow Hell arises Old Man Winter, a blustering, destructive old fart who has declared war against the peaceful people of Wangtopia.

Old Man Winter will launch periodic assaults on your favourite IRC channel, targeting our freedom, our traditions, and our sweet sweet cash. You must !volunteer your Scaresnow before each encounter. But be careful! Old Man Winter is ruthless, and enlisting will be dangerous!

Alongside each counterattack will be a safe !sidequest to gather resources for future missions. Perfect for a rookie Scaresnow, sidequests earn experience and prizes but don't help in repelling Old Man Winter.

You can check the upcoming !mission to see what's at stake. Our military Intelligence will report back advance warning of Old Man Winter's next target.

Points Mean Prizes

Victorious campaigns against dreaded Old Man Winter will result in your Scaresnow accumulating prizes, along with unlocking global effects for the channel.

Your Scaresnow can bring back stars, wangs and other trophies. Surviving troops will be promoted. Fallen comrades will be awarded the Purple Heart.

Return with a Snowegg from a mission and you will be able to hatch it into a new Scaresnow or gift it to another user with the !snowegg command.